Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday Thoughts 18

1. Men's fashion still sucks, at least for those of us without an entire Armani budget and let's face it, you can't wear suits everywhere. Don't believe me, the next time your in a store go into the men's section. There are 3 types of shirts. Tshirts, dress shirts, and other. Not to mention everything is frigging khaki

2. God I hate khaki, if there is a hell, I know I'll be dressed in all khaki when I'm banished there and everything around me will be in shades of beige.

3. My metro sexual tendencies in relation to food and looks disturb me sometimes.

4. This spot was going to be a commentary on Ted Kennedy, but it's just not worth it. I have so many mixed feelings over anything about Ted Kennedy I wouldn't even know where to begin. So I'll sum it up with, thanks for your service and FU for Mary Jo Kopechne.

5. And for equal time for the Republicans, we have another Sarah Palin in the making:
Nice choice of words there.

6. I'm very close to my 100th actual blog post, meaning published ones. I started the week thinking I was going to put in a post on my thoughts on religion, but realized quickly after an hour of writing, that I just didn't have the 8-10 hours it would probably take to capture what I wanted to say. Here's a synopsis: I don't 'get' religion (more to come someday, maybe)

7. I don't think I mentioned this, but I went to Parmatown mall on Sunday last week, and while it was early 11am or 12. The place was a graveyard. It's sad to see the American mall dying. One whole section is completely closed storefronts. The sad part is, this isn't completely due to the recession. It's been this way at Parmatown for the past 10 years in different cycles. While I'll be sad to see malls closing over the next 5-10 years (Euclid and Randall are gone), I do have to wonder how some of the stores ever survived. Who the hell ever bought anything at Radio Shack or the asian antiques store selling samurai swords and other assorted weapons? And don't tell me that those one time customers were regulars where they were able to turn a regular profit.

8. It's raining today, I love rain. I find being able to appreciate rain is a great way to find the positive in bad situations. (i.e It's raining today, I'm working inside, cool, because I can't go outside and enjoy it anyway) It's all in the perspective.

9. I find celebrities that want to be political rather stupid on average, rather then informed. Which actually is no different then most political figures in my opinion when you have a camera or recording device in front of them regularly.

10. Favorite drink over the last couple weeks, Sweetened ice tea and whiskey. Good without being overly strong. Black Velvet reserve or Southern Comfort would be my recommendations for the whiskey.

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