Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday thoughts 17

Haven't put much down on the blog this week, this cold seems to have been kicking my butt pretty good. So here's some random thoughts for the weekend.

1. Summer colds suck. In my opinion it's one of the most miserable things to be sick in the summer. Weather's not conducive to just relaxing, and who the hell wants to eat soup when it's 95. Not to mention, forget about going outside and doing something (i.e exercise or yard work).

2. I'm one cranky motherf&#%er when I'm sick. I completely understand why dogs get aggressive with people when they aren't feeling well. Leave me alone until I get better.

3. My wife was playing with my iPhone the other day and I think she's hooked, as I walked outside (I had left it on a lawn chair pocket), her first words to me were "I want one of these". Looks like I might have found a Christmas present for her.

4. Kmart's doubling coupons this week on anything up to $2. Time to find all my $1 and up coupons and hit the store. (yes I'm extremely domesticated, what can I say)

5. I miss being able to go to the movie store and pick out movies. The store I usually go to has reduced their selection and in today's need it now environment, I honestly just can't bring myself to sign up for Netflix. I'm still amazed at their success, what the heck happens if I want to watch 3 or 4 movies over a weekend?

6. As much as this summer's disappointed me with temperatures, I'm still looking forward to Fall. In my opinion Fall in Northeast Ohio is the perfect season, too bad it's followed by winter.

7. While I do have two clunkers, they didn't meet the government criteria for 'clunker' so alas no chance of taking advantage of the recent program.

8. Why does it seem like those that are/were getting help are/were the ones that didn't plan as efficiently and live within their means? When I bought my house, our mortgage broker made a point of saying how much bigger a house we could buy on our income, umm no we couldn't that's the price I can budget and am prepared to risk. Thankfully we didn't listen and we are still upside down a bit on the mortgage, probably less then 10k, but still not a great feeling.

9. A piece of aluminum siding came off the house yesterday, due to a gutter pulling off, of course it's on the back of the house, at the highest point. Mike and climbing on the roof is not a good combination.

10. How was there ever a Daily Show without Jon Stewart? I mean seriously, even those that don't like his positions have to appreciate that he fits the show perfectly. Craig Kilborn just never cut it as the host in my opinion.

Have a great weekend...

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