Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Thoughts 16

Another installment of Friday's random thoughts of things that I hope are interesting or just piss me off in general.

1. While in one respect, I can appreciate the cool summer, it's really sucked when you think about it. 75 degrees for 3 months, just doesn't help you get through the single digit temperatures of the winter.

2. I could give a shit about Michael Vick or Donte Stallworth for that matter. If it wasn't for the fact that I enjoy the competitive aspect of it and for football at least, it's something to watch on a Sunday afternoon, I could be completely done with sports.

3. My daughter has an obsession lately with boobs, every women who picks her up, she does some peeking and asking about them and every morning she looks down her own shirt to see if they've arrived yet. She also regularly tells me that drinking she's drinking her milk so she can get boobs. Needless to say, they grow up to fast and I'll be contacting a cardiologist in a couple of years.

4. I know as I get older, I get more frustrated with those that seem to be unable to process information provided to them (i.e listen and change). This statement relates directly to work.

5. One of my closest friends lost their job this week, good luck to him on finding something new. It comes at a time when he was pursuing an alternate career choice, which has many hurdles to overcome, I wish him the best of luck for it.

6. I think I want to have an impromptu cookout tomorrow. I'll have to call some people today and see what we can come up with.

7. Newt Gingrich is giving Sarah Palin advice on how to pursue future ambitions (comeback) here: I have some simple advice for her, think before speaking, understand what you are speaking about, and don't be retarded.

8. And for our Democrat side of politicians out of office that are stupid, let's not forget the creep that is John Edwards. Oh what your mistress's child isn't your best friend's kid, who was married and had a family too. How shocking. Here's some advice for John on your political comeback, don't. Or better yet just go hide in a bathroom again, you f***head.

9. Ahh, I feel a bit better now with some political venting.

10. Looking over some 80's tunes for the next list of songs to play for the band is kind of exciting, finding a lot of things I've forgot about from those many years ago.

Have a great weekend and hope you are able to do something fun, before summer ends.

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