Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's going on.

Time for a quick post. (need to get back in the habit).

I'm slowly adjusting to life back in Cleveland, amazing what Vegas does to the senses and perception. I do miss the heat there, as this summers been so mild here in Cleveland. It's so nice to have a pool that you have to maintain everyday and clean up at the beginning of the season and you might get two whole weeks out of the thing. Damn cesspool!

Ok, enough on the pool rant. Wife had one interview yesterday for a position and we are driving out to Omaha, NE on Sunday for another interview for her on Monday. It's going to be the Iron man drive. 12 hours on Sunday, get there, work for me, 12 hour drive home, and then work. Should be interesting to say the least. Things seem to be heating up with the schools. (it couldn't get any colder).

One milestone for Bronwyn, no more pull-ups at night, we purchased a just in case mattress pad this week and you would have thought Christmas hit. Laurie put the pad on her mattress and put the mattress on the floor for a bit and Bronwyn wouldn't stop jumping on it. Laughing and giggling the whole time in between "Yay my mattress pad". Who knew it could provoke such excitement. Here I was thinking with Daddy gone for 9 days, that upon coming home that kind of excitement would be reserved for me. Ah the joys of parenting. (I kid though, she was happy to see me, especially I gave her a "Beauty and the Beast" Belle doll I brought her and took her for donuts that morning. That's right she's spoiled deal with it.

Anyway, that's how the week's been so far stay tuned as I might even have a Friday's thought list buried inside my head for this week.

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