Thursday, July 30, 2009

In an ugly mood

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I just haven't felt like typing much. I fear the crush of uncertainty around relocating and life is eating at me a bit. Hence my sour mood for the day. Not much movement on things, although I have told Laurie, that I don't want to move to Omaha. The distance it is away is prohibitive to everything and ultimately there just isn't a ton of incentive for us to move there, even if they came back and offered the job. (Which by the way would mean she'd have to start next Tuesday, nice of them huh?)

She seemed to be in agreement with my thoughts on it, but who knows, I thought the same thing last year when we discussed Florida and came to a similar decision. Maybe it's just me being selfish, hard to know anymore as it just seems like things are completely upside down lately.

Hope to be back soon though with more, so if you are still reading, thanks and talk soon.

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