Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday thoughts...err nevermind

No Friday thoughts today, as I just don't have a top 10 that would be very interesting. As I mentioned yesterday it's been a rough week. I'm feeling a bit better today though. Laurie got two rejection notices yesterday (for Omaha and for a tutor position in Streetsboro). It sucks but in trying to look at the bright side, at least both came on the same day, we don't have to move to Omaha, and a tutor position is a nice filler position, but ultimately not anything more then a stepping stone.

So that's where we are at with it. My new focus is on trying to teach my wife how to keep a positive attitude. And the above examples were one I used in trying to show her that how we view things is all a matter of choice. It doesn't change that it sucks and is disappointing, but finding the positive in things can make life much more enjoyable. Call it the power of positive thinking or whatever you'd like. It's about all we can choose to do. As I told Laurie, she's in limbo right now, she can focus on being frustrated at not having many opportunities or a job at the moment, or she can focus on she gets to spend more time with Bronwyn. Either way she still exists in limbo until something happens, but the difference in those choices and how it affects one's mental state during that time period is significant.

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