Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Thoughts 15

1. It's been awhile since I had a post that delved into anything deep. It's mostly been just status updates and Friday thoughts, have to work on that.

2. We are into another summer, where July has almost ended. Wife has some job leads, but nothing solid yet, quite an anxious time. I feel bad as the stress levels here, give us much less patience with Bronwyn, we both need to work on that, but since I can only control me, I need to make it a priority.

3. This summer weather has truly sucked, if it wasn't for the trip to Las Vegas where I roasted in 100+ heat, I'd really be pissed. 75-80 is nice, but it's not summer weather. And I don't think it's going to change much for August.

4. Coming back from Vegas and then heading out to Omaha has seriously thrown my eating habits and diet out of sync. Hopefully starting Monday, I'll get it back on track. Energy level lately has sucked though, which leads to continued bad habits. (We won't even mention the 'workout' schedule)

5. Looks like fair season in NE Ohio doesn't hit until next weekend. Which sucks, as I was looking forward to trying to hit one this weekend. Oh well, something to look forward to I guess.

6. Nerd movie season is upon us, and I haven't seen crap this summer. Transformers, Harry Potter, Up, and the upcoming GI Joe are on the list to see. I'll be lucky to see two before video. While it sucks, at least it gives me options to rent in the fall and winter.

7. The one positive on the mild summer weather is corn should be up at my wife's Grandma's house. Seriously, there is nothing like fresh/picked that day corn. That's likely a staple for the next 4-5 weekends.

8. I'm seriously in the mood to bake something or make something insanely indulgent. No ideas though and all of the stuff I usually bake or make seem boring and repetitive.

9. Saw a child on a leash today. Not the first time I've seen this, but I'll never get used to it. I suppose I could understand it in airports or somewhere super busy where you have them all day long, but walking up to the store? (What I saw today). Come on either break out the stroller or hold their hand. I'm beginning to wonder if it's truly safety for some that use this or just a way to not bother with the children and do the least amount of work.

10. I also saw the ugliest car I've ever seen today, it was called a Cube. It's built by Nissan and it's ugly. Seriously, not cute or even eccentric looking like the PT cruiser, just butt ugly.

That's all for this week, hope you have a great weekend wherever you are.

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