Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Thoughts 14

Here we go with more randomness.

1. The week back from being out of the office for an extended time (7 work days) is painful. Even working from home, by Thursday of this week I was exhausted. I am glad that Monday morning I didn't have to fight traffic though.

2. Little girls grow up far too quickly. I'm sure this is true of little boys too, but I just needed to put it in writing again. No matter what you do, there's no way to stop it. It's so cliche to say they grow up so quickly and if you don't have children, it's harder to understand I think, but it's true. I just hope I'm enjoying it to the fullest now and won't regret how quickly time passed some day.

3. Fingers are crossed for the wife here over the next couple weeks. She has had one interview and one scheduled for Monday. Both look like good possibilities. A ton of anxiety will be relieved once we know what and where we may end up landing.

4. After being in Vegas for 9 days, something I realized, perhaps Americans are just more polite then Europeans. What I mean by this is we've all heard the term Ugly American and I have no doubt there are many that fall in that category when travelling abroad. But after witnessing rude behavior of European travellers during our trip, I have to wonder if there just isn't a stigma attached as Americans accept it as fact and never bothered to make a big deal about it. Best example, 2 German men on an outdoor pedestrian bridge, late 20's or 30's. They were going down the stairs next to the up escalator, due to the down escalator being broken down. As they walked down the second one, stopped and started staring at the women in shorts and skirts walking up the escalator. Not so bad on the surface, until he started to bend down to damn near look up skirts or get a better view of the legs. Very nice pervert. Seriously, it's not hard to not look at women walking around in 110 degree heat dressed rather scantily, but not one of the women there was anywhere close to provocatively dressed, to say it was a step to far would be an understatement.

5. This has been a lousy summer for warm weather. Seriously breaking 80 wouldn't be such a bad thing.

6. When and if we have another baby, it will be another girl. My wife thinks I'm kidding that I'm so convinced. I really don't understand why I know, I just do and that's the way it is. Putting it down here, to put it on public record.

7. I'm really tired of political discourse. Even after 9 days of essentially no Internet news or picking up a newspaper. Maybe the 2000's can be deemed the decade of "Political crap"

8. Here's a fun bit of news from our city of Cleveland.
I don't even know where to begin to comment on how many things are wrong with the portrayed actions in the story, regardless of what side you 'believe'

9. Another nice article, "Oh how I love political action groups whether liberal or conservative, because after all they have no agenda and it's never about the money. (and while I lean left, a spades a spade, and this article could be on or any other left group as well. FU to all of the 'lobbying organizations' whose intent is to distort and in the end serve their narrow minded needs.)

10. I need to end on something positive as the last two articles have sort of brought my mood down. It's fair season here in Ohio, so while we won't make it this weekend, I definitely think next Saturday we are going to have to find out which County fair is going on and make a trip out there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are relaxing with a BBQ or just outside tilting one back, drink one for me.

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