Monday, July 20, 2009

Blogging from Omaha

I'm sitting here in an Omaha Hotel room working today. Wife and I left the house at 6 yesterday and got here in Omaha about 7:45 (central). Wife has an interview today at a school here, and then we'll jump back in the car and head home.

I'm not sure on whether she's really that excited about this job. It's a long way from home and away from many things we love or areas we love to go to. I understood this before we went out here and have been trying to let her know, that just by coming out and seeing the place, may help her decide. In addition to that even determining that "no I don't want to move out there for any job" is a significant step in understanding one's self, as I know she struggles with wanting a job to validate all those years of school and balancing the wants and needs of herself, Bronwyn, and I.

We'll definitely know more after the interview, who knows they may blow her away and she'll love the place.

As to me, there are things that are appealing about Omaha. Being centrally located, means when I have to return to travelling all the time for work, nothing will be worse then a 3 hour flight across the country. The city is a decent size and in today's world has all of the creature comforts I'm used to. There are a lot of businesses here with their corporate HQ and having that available in the event I was unemployed, would definitely be a positive.

The negatives:

1.Well we really wouldn't be trading up from a weather standpoint.
2. It's a good distance away from 'home', making it more difficult for a quick weekend trip home to visit.

Given the pros and cons, I've left the decision in Laurie's hands. She wants to teach and I understand that and we'll work to be happy wherever we end up. It's definitely not easy possibly leaving family and 'home' for something new, but it's exciting at the same time. I know Laurie is struggling with the decision on one hand, she feels she needs to work to justify schooling, have a career, and contribute financially to the family. On the other hand, she doesn't want to go away from friends and family, take Bronwyn away from family, and is worried on whether I'll truly be happy someplace else. Those aren't easy decisions, my hope is, even if we come out here to Omaha, and she decides that she doesn't want to teach here, then she can at least gain a little peace and understanding of why.

Ok enough about that. Just a recap for the weekend, and another confession of "I was wrong". When we decided to possibly move last year, we had a Realtor come in and look over the house and discuss options. One of the things the Realtor did was point out all of the things that the city inspector would make us fix.

The big ones were the garage floor and the crack in the pavement by our drain. I was able to do some work on the garage floor, which I think will be satisfactory to the inspector. The driveway was going to be a bigger pain, as it would require removing a 38 sq foot section, redoing it and ensuring the drainage pipe was set correctly. Something I had no experience with and was leery when my wife told me, her cousin said he could do it. But he came over Saturday and we were able to replace the whole section and I must say it looks good. So once again, something I was wrong on. But nice in how it worked out.

Ok, anyway, that's a quick update, back to work, as it's crazy busy here. Sorry for typos and grammatical errors on this one, but just no time to give it even a once over.

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