Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday thoughts...err nevermind

No Friday thoughts today, as I just don't have a top 10 that would be very interesting. As I mentioned yesterday it's been a rough week. I'm feeling a bit better today though. Laurie got two rejection notices yesterday (for Omaha and for a tutor position in Streetsboro). It sucks but in trying to look at the bright side, at least both came on the same day, we don't have to move to Omaha, and a tutor position is a nice filler position, but ultimately not anything more then a stepping stone.

So that's where we are at with it. My new focus is on trying to teach my wife how to keep a positive attitude. And the above examples were one I used in trying to show her that how we view things is all a matter of choice. It doesn't change that it sucks and is disappointing, but finding the positive in things can make life much more enjoyable. Call it the power of positive thinking or whatever you'd like. It's about all we can choose to do. As I told Laurie, she's in limbo right now, she can focus on being frustrated at not having many opportunities or a job at the moment, or she can focus on she gets to spend more time with Bronwyn. Either way she still exists in limbo until something happens, but the difference in those choices and how it affects one's mental state during that time period is significant.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

In an ugly mood

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I just haven't felt like typing much. I fear the crush of uncertainty around relocating and life is eating at me a bit. Hence my sour mood for the day. Not much movement on things, although I have told Laurie, that I don't want to move to Omaha. The distance it is away is prohibitive to everything and ultimately there just isn't a ton of incentive for us to move there, even if they came back and offered the job. (Which by the way would mean she'd have to start next Tuesday, nice of them huh?)

She seemed to be in agreement with my thoughts on it, but who knows, I thought the same thing last year when we discussed Florida and came to a similar decision. Maybe it's just me being selfish, hard to know anymore as it just seems like things are completely upside down lately.

Hope to be back soon though with more, so if you are still reading, thanks and talk soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Thoughts 15

1. It's been awhile since I had a post that delved into anything deep. It's mostly been just status updates and Friday thoughts, have to work on that.

2. We are into another summer, where July has almost ended. Wife has some job leads, but nothing solid yet, quite an anxious time. I feel bad as the stress levels here, give us much less patience with Bronwyn, we both need to work on that, but since I can only control me, I need to make it a priority.

3. This summer weather has truly sucked, if it wasn't for the trip to Las Vegas where I roasted in 100+ heat, I'd really be pissed. 75-80 is nice, but it's not summer weather. And I don't think it's going to change much for August.

4. Coming back from Vegas and then heading out to Omaha has seriously thrown my eating habits and diet out of sync. Hopefully starting Monday, I'll get it back on track. Energy level lately has sucked though, which leads to continued bad habits. (We won't even mention the 'workout' schedule)

5. Looks like fair season in NE Ohio doesn't hit until next weekend. Which sucks, as I was looking forward to trying to hit one this weekend. Oh well, something to look forward to I guess.

6. Nerd movie season is upon us, and I haven't seen crap this summer. Transformers, Harry Potter, Up, and the upcoming GI Joe are on the list to see. I'll be lucky to see two before video. While it sucks, at least it gives me options to rent in the fall and winter.

7. The one positive on the mild summer weather is corn should be up at my wife's Grandma's house. Seriously, there is nothing like fresh/picked that day corn. That's likely a staple for the next 4-5 weekends.

8. I'm seriously in the mood to bake something or make something insanely indulgent. No ideas though and all of the stuff I usually bake or make seem boring and repetitive.

9. Saw a child on a leash today. Not the first time I've seen this, but I'll never get used to it. I suppose I could understand it in airports or somewhere super busy where you have them all day long, but walking up to the store? (What I saw today). Come on either break out the stroller or hold their hand. I'm beginning to wonder if it's truly safety for some that use this or just a way to not bother with the children and do the least amount of work.

10. I also saw the ugliest car I've ever seen today, it was called a Cube. It's built by Nissan and it's ugly. Seriously, not cute or even eccentric looking like the PT cruiser, just butt ugly.

That's all for this week, hope you have a great weekend wherever you are.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More meanderings

We drove back from Omaha right after I finished work Monday. Left about 5pm Central and got home 6am eastern. Completely exhausted, I took a half day off from work and slept for 5 and then slept 2 more once I finished working.

Wife is supposed to get confirmation tomorrow on whether they are going to offer her the job, but seeing that it was the Principal that interviewed her for 2 hours, took her on a tour of the school and introduced her to staff and showed her the room, not to mention was the one that told her to call HR, it's looking pretty good. Especially considering HR, told Laurie they are just waiting on said principal to confirm to them that they want to hire her.

So I'll likely be off this weekend back to Omaha to secure housing and start laying some foundation. Laurie will probably come out the weekend after that, as she starts on the 4th and then I'll head back here to Cleveland, to begin the process of getting the house on the market, etc. It's going to be a busy couple weeks to say the least.

One other thing from last weekend, I got a call from a friend on Saturday that was having a bit of a rough time, so I drove out and met him after we finished the driveway. We got to spend some time just bs'ing for the night and although we were planning on leaving at 5am on Sunday for Omaha and my friend's is about an hour from my house, definitely worth it. After that little get together, I came up with my new tag line.

You know you are with a good friend when you reminisce and all of the past sounds like very good Seinfeld episodes.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Blogging from Omaha

I'm sitting here in an Omaha Hotel room working today. Wife and I left the house at 6 yesterday and got here in Omaha about 7:45 (central). Wife has an interview today at a school here, and then we'll jump back in the car and head home.

I'm not sure on whether she's really that excited about this job. It's a long way from home and away from many things we love or areas we love to go to. I understood this before we went out here and have been trying to let her know, that just by coming out and seeing the place, may help her decide. In addition to that even determining that "no I don't want to move out there for any job" is a significant step in understanding one's self, as I know she struggles with wanting a job to validate all those years of school and balancing the wants and needs of herself, Bronwyn, and I.

We'll definitely know more after the interview, who knows they may blow her away and she'll love the place.

As to me, there are things that are appealing about Omaha. Being centrally located, means when I have to return to travelling all the time for work, nothing will be worse then a 3 hour flight across the country. The city is a decent size and in today's world has all of the creature comforts I'm used to. There are a lot of businesses here with their corporate HQ and having that available in the event I was unemployed, would definitely be a positive.

The negatives:

1.Well we really wouldn't be trading up from a weather standpoint.
2. It's a good distance away from 'home', making it more difficult for a quick weekend trip home to visit.

Given the pros and cons, I've left the decision in Laurie's hands. She wants to teach and I understand that and we'll work to be happy wherever we end up. It's definitely not easy possibly leaving family and 'home' for something new, but it's exciting at the same time. I know Laurie is struggling with the decision on one hand, she feels she needs to work to justify schooling, have a career, and contribute financially to the family. On the other hand, she doesn't want to go away from friends and family, take Bronwyn away from family, and is worried on whether I'll truly be happy someplace else. Those aren't easy decisions, my hope is, even if we come out here to Omaha, and she decides that she doesn't want to teach here, then she can at least gain a little peace and understanding of why.

Ok enough about that. Just a recap for the weekend, and another confession of "I was wrong". When we decided to possibly move last year, we had a Realtor come in and look over the house and discuss options. One of the things the Realtor did was point out all of the things that the city inspector would make us fix.

The big ones were the garage floor and the crack in the pavement by our drain. I was able to do some work on the garage floor, which I think will be satisfactory to the inspector. The driveway was going to be a bigger pain, as it would require removing a 38 sq foot section, redoing it and ensuring the drainage pipe was set correctly. Something I had no experience with and was leery when my wife told me, her cousin said he could do it. But he came over Saturday and we were able to replace the whole section and I must say it looks good. So once again, something I was wrong on. But nice in how it worked out.

Ok, anyway, that's a quick update, back to work, as it's crazy busy here. Sorry for typos and grammatical errors on this one, but just no time to give it even a once over.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Thoughts 14

Here we go with more randomness.

1. The week back from being out of the office for an extended time (7 work days) is painful. Even working from home, by Thursday of this week I was exhausted. I am glad that Monday morning I didn't have to fight traffic though.

2. Little girls grow up far too quickly. I'm sure this is true of little boys too, but I just needed to put it in writing again. No matter what you do, there's no way to stop it. It's so cliche to say they grow up so quickly and if you don't have children, it's harder to understand I think, but it's true. I just hope I'm enjoying it to the fullest now and won't regret how quickly time passed some day.

3. Fingers are crossed for the wife here over the next couple weeks. She has had one interview and one scheduled for Monday. Both look like good possibilities. A ton of anxiety will be relieved once we know what and where we may end up landing.

4. After being in Vegas for 9 days, something I realized, perhaps Americans are just more polite then Europeans. What I mean by this is we've all heard the term Ugly American and I have no doubt there are many that fall in that category when travelling abroad. But after witnessing rude behavior of European travellers during our trip, I have to wonder if there just isn't a stigma attached as Americans accept it as fact and never bothered to make a big deal about it. Best example, 2 German men on an outdoor pedestrian bridge, late 20's or 30's. They were going down the stairs next to the up escalator, due to the down escalator being broken down. As they walked down the second one, stopped and started staring at the women in shorts and skirts walking up the escalator. Not so bad on the surface, until he started to bend down to damn near look up skirts or get a better view of the legs. Very nice pervert. Seriously, it's not hard to not look at women walking around in 110 degree heat dressed rather scantily, but not one of the women there was anywhere close to provocatively dressed, to say it was a step to far would be an understatement.

5. This has been a lousy summer for warm weather. Seriously breaking 80 wouldn't be such a bad thing.

6. When and if we have another baby, it will be another girl. My wife thinks I'm kidding that I'm so convinced. I really don't understand why I know, I just do and that's the way it is. Putting it down here, to put it on public record.

7. I'm really tired of political discourse. Even after 9 days of essentially no Internet news or picking up a newspaper. Maybe the 2000's can be deemed the decade of "Political crap"

8. Here's a fun bit of news from our city of Cleveland.
I don't even know where to begin to comment on how many things are wrong with the portrayed actions in the story, regardless of what side you 'believe'

9. Another nice article, "Oh how I love political action groups whether liberal or conservative, because after all they have no agenda and it's never about the money. (and while I lean left, a spades a spade, and this article could be on or any other left group as well. FU to all of the 'lobbying organizations' whose intent is to distort and in the end serve their narrow minded needs.)

10. I need to end on something positive as the last two articles have sort of brought my mood down. It's fair season here in Ohio, so while we won't make it this weekend, I definitely think next Saturday we are going to have to find out which County fair is going on and make a trip out there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are relaxing with a BBQ or just outside tilting one back, drink one for me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's going on.

Time for a quick post. (need to get back in the habit).

I'm slowly adjusting to life back in Cleveland, amazing what Vegas does to the senses and perception. I do miss the heat there, as this summers been so mild here in Cleveland. It's so nice to have a pool that you have to maintain everyday and clean up at the beginning of the season and you might get two whole weeks out of the thing. Damn cesspool!

Ok, enough on the pool rant. Wife had one interview yesterday for a position and we are driving out to Omaha, NE on Sunday for another interview for her on Monday. It's going to be the Iron man drive. 12 hours on Sunday, get there, work for me, 12 hour drive home, and then work. Should be interesting to say the least. Things seem to be heating up with the schools. (it couldn't get any colder).

One milestone for Bronwyn, no more pull-ups at night, we purchased a just in case mattress pad this week and you would have thought Christmas hit. Laurie put the pad on her mattress and put the mattress on the floor for a bit and Bronwyn wouldn't stop jumping on it. Laughing and giggling the whole time in between "Yay my mattress pad". Who knew it could provoke such excitement. Here I was thinking with Daddy gone for 9 days, that upon coming home that kind of excitement would be reserved for me. Ah the joys of parenting. (I kid though, she was happy to see me, especially I gave her a "Beauty and the Beast" Belle doll I brought her and took her for donuts that morning. That's right she's spoiled deal with it.

Anyway, that's how the week's been so far stay tuned as I might even have a Friday's thought list buried inside my head for this week.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back, but swamped

I'm still tearing through work emails, but am happy to say I had a great week and a half away. I was able to fully put day to day work thoughts out of the head for the entire trip and even though I had some work last week, it felt like a 2 week vacation.

Hopefully as I catch up this week, I'll have more time to write, I will say that after being away from the little one for a week and a half, I continue to be amazed at how much difference I can see in her development for just a short period of time. Her sentences are much stronger and more verbose then before I left, simply amazing.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 week hiatus

I'm off today for a vacation/work trip. Where I plan on getting in some relaxation, sun, drinking, money winning fun. You can throw in a side of work with that as well.

I mentioned that my wife decided not to go on this trip, she was going to come out for the first three nights and then come home, and I understand her reasoning, but I'm going to miss her and the little one. It looks like she will have her hands full though as she's babysitting her cousin's pug. So now there are two pugs tearing up the house with the three year old. Hopefully the trip will spur some new ideas to write about. Nothing like a good muse for inspiration.

Hope everyone has a great couple weeks and hope you get some relaxation in for the 4th of July holiday.