Monday, June 15, 2009

The wrong side of Bleh!

I'm not sure whether it's the weather, or some increase in work volume, but it's been a struggle to load the page up today and think about posting an update. As I've mentioned before though, it's good for me to continue to update even though I don't 'feel' like it. If I ever try and write someday I'm going to need the ability to write when I don't feel like it.

It was a great weekend, I took the family out for breakfast on Saturday at IHOP. It's rare we go out to a restaurant together, so I thought it would be a bit different and a nice change of pace from ordering in. I took the path of most indulgent by ordering pancakes, that were covered in pecans, granola, and butterscotch chips. I'm not sure it should be called breakfast but it was very good.

My daughter should be glad she's not Jewish, as she has an extreme bacon addition, munching through three sticks and then asking the waitress if she could have more. Outside of that Laurie and Bronwyn definitely seemed to enjoy their breakfast and it was a very nice change of pace.

We then headed down to the Great Lake Science center for my God Daughter's birthday party. Anna, is my best friend Mike's daughter, she's 9 years old this year. It was a great time and a nice chance to see Mike and Danny, whom my brother and I spent so much time with as kids.

Bronwyn was in complete heaven at the science center. She found the water exhibits outside fascinating and tearing her away from them was very difficult. Laurie and I were a bit surprised she liked the water exhibits so much considering their was an inflate able house available and she never turns those down.

It was a great time though and if you haven't been to the Science center I would highly recommend it.

We decided to take it easy on Sunday. I finished up some early grocery shopping and we played some tennis in the afternoon, where I proceeded to get sunburned further. It wound up being a very full weekend, without being exhausting. Quite a good combination.

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