Monday, June 22, 2009

Who's your Daddy?

Yesterday was Father's day and I'm glad to report it finally felt like it. Bronwyn is 3 years old now and it almost feels like I've been on probation for 3 years. I just haven't gotten into the whole Father's day mentality.

However, after 3 years, where she's developing normally, has no visible scars from accidents, and still likes to give her "Daddy" kisses and hugs. I've decided I've done enough to pass my probationary period.

I woke up Sunday morning, ready to go. Off for a quick solo bike ride down the trail in the valley. Ahh, the peace and quiet of a solo ride. I swear I saw 5-6 fathers doing the same thing and nodding hello as I rode past. This just reconfirms my belief that I've passed the initiation phase.

I decided on the ride, that at the very least for one day, I needed to dress like a father. You know what I'm talking about. Something that just doesn't work fashionably. Whether it's tube socks and shorts, sandals and socks, goofy hats, or just plain old unmatched clothing. Father's everywhere seem to make bold fashion statements. And on this day for Dad's I wanted to as well. I thought about sandals with socks but couldn't bring myself to do it, perhaps next year, with some dress socks too, or some grey tube socks that almost go to the knee.

I digress, I decided that I'd try and find my worst shirt, and most unusual hat. Bonus points if they were gifts for me. (On a quick sidenote, I'm not convinced Fathers have poor taste, until you've seen some of the clothing gifts we receive at times, you should not be so quick to judge). I found a shirt I've rarely worn (unfortunately not that unusual though), but I did score with an old Indians' cap a friend gave to me for being in his wedding party. (Bonus points as it has my last name embroidered on it). I changed into the outfit and went downstairs. The wife's initial look brought a smile to my face. Not quite the horror I was hoping for but a good start.

Laurie: "Oh you are wearing that?"

Me: "why yes, is there a problem?"

Laurie: (hesitating) "Umm, well know, it's just that hat and shirt don't go together" "The shirts a bit too nice for a hat like that."

Me: "excellent, that's the look I was going for, it's Father's day"

Laurie: (eyeroll)

I proceeded to run to a couple stores for some shopping as Laurie took Bronwyn to her swim lessons. I can honestly say I don't think I've walked so tall in quite a while. It was almost like I had been drafted into the armed forces and was proudly displaying my uniform. Even without child in tow, it was blatantly obvious that I was a father and that's how this Father's day went.


wendy said...

Well said. Very funny. Glad you were able to pull off the look. Sandals and socks, however, might have been the better look : ) btw, finally figured out how to put your link on my blog.

Michael said...

Thanks and appreciate the link. I don't know about pulling it off, put the same shirt on the other day and thought how the hell did I wear that shirt, but for at least one day it definitely felt right.