Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Thoughts 13

Here we go.

1. Laurie and I went to see Poison, Cheap Trick, and Def Leppard last night at Blossom Music Center on the lawn. The show was fun, it was great spending some kidless time with the wife and due to the rain and mud in the parking lot, we got quite a memory in getting the car unstuck in the mud in trying to exit the venue.

2. I love Blossom for seeing a summer concert, but seriously, $11 for a 24oz can of beer. It's not enough that Ticketmaster bends you over with their service charges and they apply a location charge. But for your captive audience you've pushed the prices way to high for drinks, not only on alchohol but $5 for bottled water. Unbelieveable. It doesn't help that in my 20 years of going to concerts there, you've never even tried to do anything to mitigate the parking fiasco that your venue is. If it isn't an hour and half from the freeway exit to your seats (often times meaning missing the start of the show) it's the 2-3 hour wait to get out of your complex. You want to be a modern age concert venue, fix your frigging parking and drop the prices a bit.

3. Michael Jackson: does he not define tragic in so many ways. The self professed "King of Pop" he created the megastar class. Elvis and the Beatles were phenomenons, but neither existed broke through in the 80's. The spotlight never stopped shining on you Michael, for all of your flaws your talent was never in question.

4. I hate to say it, but Bret Michaels from Poison's voice is gone. If it wasn't for nostalgia, Rock of Love, and a great sound by the band, there's no way anyone would go to the show. He gives a great performance, but like many singers over the years, he just doesn't have the voice in him anymore.

5. That's it for now, this list has sat in draft mode for two days. I hope to get a post in this week before I leave on Wednesday, if not talk I'm sure I'll have a good deal to post about in 2 weeks after my trip.


wendy said...

That's why you go to Blossom Drunk and have someone else drive like I did back in the day : )

Michael said...

Good point, we tried to see if anyone else wanted to go, but I think most saw the show last year. Plus with extra weight in the car we'd have been stuck worse, and if I wasn't driving I still would have had to push.