Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Thoughts 12

I'm wondering if the Friday lists have become a bit boring lately. It seems harder and harder to put down a 10 point rant/list. Since I have a break of about 2 weeks coming up where I won't be sitting in front of a PC for the majority of the day, I think I'll re-evaluate some of what I do on the blog. At the very least the 2 week break should give me an opportunity to come up with some interesting discussions.

1. Not overly impressed with the new iPhone 3.0 upgrade so far. It's probably too early to say as AT&T hasn't enabled multimedia text messaging and some of the other features aren't going to be incorporated on applications until they are upgraded. But my first impression is a bit of disappointment.

2. I'm not the first to say this, but it's June 19th already? Technically it's not the beginning of summer yet, but since unofficially we start thinking of it as summer after Memorial day, it seems like it's moving quick. I wouldn't mind if the weather got hot like summer at some point though.

3. No leads for the wife yet on secondary Social Studies teaching positions. Supposedly Louisville, KY is going to start second round of interviews at the end of the month. Fingers crossed that something she winds up with a spot this year.

4. So North Korea's 'Glorious leader' is threatening to fire a test missile toward Hawaii. I wonder how that plays out if they do and if by some miracle it's capable of getting close to the island. I also wonder when China and Russia are going to slap down their insolent child and handle their part of the world. Come on Vladimir, you've made a mockery of the 'Democratic' process in Russia, so might as well do some leading.

5. A big thank you to the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns for being so bad, average, or boring, I no longer care. Which means I have more free time to invest in other things.

6. I'm amazed I made it to number 6 today. 4 hours after I started the list and I've managed to find 5 solid thoughts. (Well at least to me)

7. If the wife doesn't get a teaching position this year and we wind up staying here, I'm thinking of trying to find a band that needs a singer. I've always wanted to and while I don't have a recording artist voice, I could hold my own for covers fairly easily. Wife's said before I should give it a shot, but we'll see how it goes.

8. It's Father's day weekend, still a little weird to me. I guess I just don't get the have one special day for someone. I know I'm weird like that. But I guess it's better to get then receive. My wife keeps asking me what I want to do and honestly I have no idea.

9. No recipe for the week, but a nice drink recipe. Sort of an apple martini on steroids. Vanilla vodka, Apple Pucker, Goldschlager, and Pineapple Juice. Tastes like a mulled apple cider. I'd call them dangerous. Don't know the amounts of each needed and I can't remember if it had Captain Morgan's with it too. Anyway, I'd probably go light on the Pucker and Goldschlager and equal parts of the rest to start.

10. I watched Conan on the "Tonight Show" for the first time last night. I rarely watch any of the late night shows. Anyway, he looked a tad bit uncomfortable during the show. But I think he'll do fine and glad NBC moved him into the spot. He's come along way since he started out on the late night shows and I like that there is still a good deal of "Conan" style humor in the refinement process that's happened over the years.

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