Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend update

Another weekend come and gone and it's the middle of May already. (How the hell did that happen). Anyway, had a good weekend, got a ton of grocery shopping done and hopefully enough stuff to make it through the month, where we can just grab produce each week.

Had a chance to spend Saturday morning with Bronwyn, before she went over my Mother in law's for the night and then got to spend Saturday with Laurie.

Had some great Mojitos at of all places Ruby Tuesdays. Seriously, who would of thought, that I'd find the perfect Mojito at Ruby Tuesdays, including sugar cane stalk and correct glass. Especially since it was the drink of the day and only $5 per drink. I should temper my enthusiasm though by saying that the first one was perfect, the second one was dreadful in they poured way too much lime juice in the darn thing.

We then went out to Chagrin Falls to take a walk by the shops and see the waterfalls, grabbing some Euclid Beach custard while we were there. It was a nice diversion. I think my wife was hoping for some more shops to browse, but while the weren't empty shops, there just wasn't much to see, but we had a nice time walking around. On the man made waterfall they have farther up the river, I did get hit a couple times by the wife, rooting for this pack of ducks that was swimming towards it to go over the edge. (They didn't they swam to the top of the waterfall and then just walked along the edge). I'm still protesting the slugs I got for it, after all it wouldn't have hurt them to go over the edge and it would have been fairly funny to watch. My wife found it less then amusing :)

Afterwards we headed home and since it was only about 8:30, I was pressing to go out for the night. Luckily the wife agreed. (Her and I tend to have different interests when we go out, she likes mellow kind of stuff and I tend to look for more chaotic environments. So knowing the wife probably wouldn't be up for going to see a band or someplace too crowded, we decided to see if we could find a spot with karaoke. 5 years on this side of town and we've not really been able to find a spot for karaoke. Most don't run it on Friday nights out here. I did finally find a place through some web surfing and we headed over there. Actually it was the perfect spot for us, a medium sized crowd, plenty of room to sit, and not too far from the house. However the sound system for their karaoke sucked. (More on that another time). All in all a good night though followed by some sleep in time on Sunday morning, since the little one wasn't there to wake us up.

That's pretty much how the weekend went, I'm struggling this morning in getting into a working mood as I'm looking forward to next weekend. We've got a full schedule of things to do. Picnic and gathering Saturday, BBQ at my brother's on Sunday. Monday the girls leave for Myrtle Beach and I'm taking my parents out. Once again I can tell the summer is here as my weekends are becoming completely filled with things to do. Why I can't figure out how to do this in winter, I don't know (maybe it would make the winter seem to go faster if I could).

Hopefully work won't be too busy this week and I'll have some of those stories I keep promising. Hope you have a good week.

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