Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update..

Another Monday is here and it's already about half way through the month of May. (Why do some months seem to fly by and other's crawl at a snail's pace?). Not a lot to write about today, just some updates from the weekend.

I had a nice start to the weekend Friday, two large contracts that I had worked on signed at the end of day Friday, both had been out for signature for about a month each (typical out for signature time is a week - week and a half). That meant the anxiety level dropped for the weekend and not as much stress for a Monday morning.

Mother's day weekend was nice, Laurie had planned on having lunch with Bronwyn and her mom on Sunday, so I decided to make Saturday the day for Laurie. Bronwyn and I got her some flowers, a small gift, and card, first thing in the morning on Saturday and we made some crepes for her for breakfast. It was a nice relaxing morning.

We did some yard work for most of the afternoon on Saturday and wound up playing some keep away, well Laurie and Bronwyn played keep away from me for the most part, but it was fun. I did offer Laurie her choice of going anywhere she wanted, but I think she just wanted some relaxing time with both of us which is what she got. After the long road of fertility issues, I know she just enjoys being a mommy and things like Mother's day are just icing on the cake.

I decided to shop at Big Lots yesterday to see if they had anything that was worth purchasing. I lucked out as they had a ton of stuff I was looking for at some good prices as well. Laurie and Bronwyn are going out to North Carolina at the end of the month with her mom, so I grabbed some road trip essentials for them, granola bars, sun tan lotion, and some mason jars.

Yes, you read that right; mason jars. Laurie is planning on filling sand at different spots for Bronwyn over the years and attaching a picture and decorating each jar. It's a way for them to remember their trips and a craft for them to do on some rainy days. Between scrapbooking and that project, Bronwyn should have plenty of mementos from childhood.

I was also able to stock up for a trip Laurie and I have for July. Since we are planning on getting a ton of sun then, I got some more sun tan lotion and a pretty darn cool pair of sunglasses. Buying sunglasses for me is like buying clothes. A never ending search for ones I like. All in all it was a fairly productive shopping trip. I closed out the day making a nice dinner for Bronwyn and Laurie and we just relaxed for the last part of the day.

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