Friday, May 15, 2009

Nobody gonna breaka my stride.... (Friday Thoughts 7)

Nobobdy going to slow me down... Woh oh, I got to keep on moving.

That's pretty much how I feel this morning. Awake, alert, and ready to take on life.

Having said that and not wanting to break format here are Friday's thoughts:

1. Have slept great this week, not exactly sure why, but it's rare that I have multiple restful nights in a row. Plus some vivid dreams since men aren't supposed to keep remembering their dreams as they grow older according to psychological studies I'm not sure what to make of it. I do know that it likely means some part of my sub-conscious has figured something out that I've been stewing over. However it hasn't been kind enough to alert my conscious yet, but I'm not complaining since the bags under my eyes have disappeared for a week.

2. I've got a two page long list of things I need to do in the house, everything from patching the one leak I have on the garage roof (after replacing the whole roof last fall) to cleaning out the gutters.

3. I've conceded another point to my father. Years ago we were talking about movies and he mentioned how he had become a bit tired of them, do to it being rare that there were any new stories to tell. Unfortunately I realize I've gotten to the same point with movies and TV. It's just rare that I watch something and go wow, that was pretty damn good. Although I will say this I'm not positive that he was right, as it's certainly possible my mind settled on that theory after watching the crap I've seen over the last couple years.

4. I'm thinking about publicizing the blog a bit more. To date, I've left small notes around on the internet and alerted a select few that it exists. And I've seen comments and notes from people which means someone is reading it, which is great. It's not that I've been trying to hide it, just that I wasn't sure how to handle being that open and honest to a wider range of friends and family. It's still something I'm thinking about, so we'll see. My expectation is once I send my retired father a note on it, I'm going to be over for a holiday dinner and he's going to have a sit down with me to discuss multiple things he would have read. Again not a bad thing, just trying to prepare myself for that.

5. On my blog, it's a bit weird seeing how it's incorporated into my life. Whether it's a comment on facebook from someone reading it, a stray comment or email from someone on another blog that saw the address, or someone mentioning my favorite pizza reference in conversation.

6. Wife and daughter are going to the beach with my wife's Mother, the week of Memorial day. So while I'll miss them, I am looking forward to having the house to myself. Which basically means that two page long list I have on things to do is going to get smaller.

7. Since this is turning into the blogcentric version of Friday thoughts, here are some upcoming topics I'm planning on writing about. (a list within a list, my grammatical skills need work.) Wacky Neighbor II, thoughts on self medication, the tao of spongebob, thoughts on religion, and being balanced.

8. I need to decide on what gifts I'm getting my wife for her birthday. (June 1)

9. I'm dreading my monthly pilgrimage to Walmart tomorrow, however the Overlords of Walmart do require their monthly tithe.

10. I've been thinking about a new day to day philosophy. A type of filter if you will to apply to life experiences. For example, 2 new years ago I decided on a philosophy of 'take what's mine' (I'll explain that one at some point). Anyway, I think I'm settling on "Perspective you need some" which applies to myself and those I run into when I'm ready to rip my remaining hair out in trying to deal with them.

That's it for the week, have a great weekend and hopefully the sun is shining where you are. My suggestion for the week is get shit done this weekend, with Memorial day next weekend if you finish now, you can spend all three days kicking back.

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