Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Thoughts VI

I've been in a weird mood the past couple days. I'm not sure if it's because my routine is a bit out of whack or if I'm just in a bit of a minor rut. I think it's the routine causing a minor rut.

My mother in law has come into town and when she's here, she stays over on some nights. She doesn't have a place here (near us) and loves to spend time with Bronwyn. So she watches Bronwyn during the days when Laurie is substituting. I get a bit weirded out as my house already seems small enough. Add to the mix my mother in law and sometimes her partner and I really feel cramped. Oh well, it's just for a couple days over the next month. My wife and mother in law both think I'm upset at the situation (or them) and while it's not the best situation, I can accept it for what it is. It just puts me a bit on edge. It also doesn't help that my wife and her mother's relationship is strained at times. So when my wife thinks that her mother staying over is upsetting me, she can get a bit upset with her mother and try to lecture her on how she should live her life. I've told Laurie again this week that it's really just me and that she should relax about it. She's better off just letting me be me. It's not an optimal situation but I can deal with it for a period of time. It only frustrates me more when Laurie gets worked up over it. She's got enough issues that she still needs to work through with her mom and in my opinion my anxiety should be the least of her worries in relation to those bigger issue. We will see what happens, but I think that's why I'm in a bit of a funk this week.

I am getting out of the house Saturday night, I've got another poker game on tap. My brother is house sitting for my parents, and the plan is to drink, play poker, and crash at my parent's house for the night. Should be a fun time, just being out of the house sometimes is so damn refreshing.

Of course it's getting to be the end of the school year and Laurie is getting anxious about finding a full time Social Studies position for next year. We are keeping our fingers crossed that one opens up and she gets in somewhere. (Wherever that maybe). At this point outside of California and Alaska I'd think I'd go anywhere, it's going to be rough to leave Ohio, family, and friends, but there are days when I can only think of the excitement that a new area would bring, at least for a brief period of time.

Which brings me to something that's been on my mind this week: Boredom. I cannot stand being bored or having nothing to do. Maybe it's my Aries personality. Everything this week seems boring, I need to find something to put my energy into. That in itself would probably not be the hardest thing to do, if I wasn't so particular. I need something to occupy my thoughts or at least stimulate the mind and I'm just not finding it this week. Sure, there is busy work to do, or I could do one of a hundred different things I do on everyday occasions, but I need something new, exciting, or at the least different. I have no idea why I crave this on a regular basis, but it seems to be a common theme running through my head more and more lately. I don't think my wife gets that part of me. She likes doing new things, I just don't think she craves it like I do. I think it actually drives her a bit crazy. She and I both see it in Bronwyn (I'm telling you it's the fire signs, she's a Sagittarius). Some days I think we exhaust my wife, especially when we are bored.

Ok, enough on that. Here are a quick 5 thoughts for a Friday. (I'm starting to realize I'm forgetting things I've written about, so over the course of time you should expect to see overlaps, the soft drink one from below maybe a repeat :) ).

1. Why can I go to the grocery store and see 10 different types of diet soda, but when I go to a restaurant or bar, they still have only one type of diet soda. Can't they even put a damn diet lemon lime soda on the gun or something. If the regular soda companies can figure out there is enough market share for multiple offerings on their limited shelf space, I have to believe a restaurant somewhere would at least think the same thing. It's not like the fountain machines haven't been updated in years and can still hold only 5 types of soda.

2. Grocery store prices are stupid. Went shopping yesterday for soda and some other 'on sale' items at a place I'll only go to when things I want are on sale. I spent $55 and on my receipt it showed a savings on this trip of $35. So if the stuff I bought wasn't 'on sale' it would have cost me $90? I don't even know where to begin with all the problems with something like this. Especially since this grocery store is the remaining "Big chain" grocery store in the Cleveland area.

3. Bronwyn's musical fascination cracks me up. I regularly sing her a couple songs before she goes to bed and at least once a week, she'll make a request for something other then twinkle twinkle or one of the other songs are. Her requests? "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry and "So What" by Pink. Not only does she request they be sung, I politely decline, but she's persistent. She pretty much knows all the words to "Hot and Cold" and a good portion of "So What". As a matter of fact, she regularly tells me when we are driving what songs she likes and doesn't. (She definitely prefers Pink's music at this time) Beyond her unusual bedtime song requests she can also can be regularly found playing her flute (with drums at the same time) or her guitar during playtime. And in case I didn't mention this in a previous post, she's a rather big 80's music fan, with preferences for Depeche Mode and Erasure to date.

4. I have a feeling I'm not going to get much work done today. Not by choice or lack of effort, there is just a ton of stuff I'm waiting on that is 'in process' that can't be pushed along.

5. Happy Mother's day to all Mother's out there, you do an amazing job. Special love out to my wife, who's a wonderful mother and to my mom, who I think is still recovering from raising my brother and I.

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