Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Thoughts V

1. I can't wait for the "Swine Flu" Southpark episode. The level of sheer mass hysteria is approaching comical proportions.

2. Swine Flu = Mad Snail disease. (For those who watch Spongebob, you'll know what I'm talking about)

3. I didn't realize how much I missed 85 degree weather until it got back to 60 degrees this week.

4. Workouts are going well. I have no idea if I have lost pounds, but I am pretty confident I have. Clothes are fitting better and some summer clothes that didn't fit last year, now fit like they did two years ago. Losing weight would be great, but the real plus is that regular workout schedule has done wonders for my disposition.

5. May and June are shaping up to be crazy busy on the weekends. On one hand, I like it as I have things to look forward to on the other hand, I can start feeling smothered.

6. Laurie's first surgery is healing up nicely and she's on schedule to get her hearing device next month. I'm definitely excited for her and I know it's been pretty nerve wracking for her to lose the hearing last September and then have to go through the surgery and recovery during the last couple months.

7. Laurie and I are pretty sure Bronwyn had her first nightmare the other night. When I got in her room in the morning, she was doing her nervous cry/laugh and talking about how scared she was of the robot that was outside her window. She jumped out of bed and gave me a big old bear hug as tight as she could. It was actually kind of cute but it made us realize based on her reaction that we are still learning how to help her understand pretend and real.

8. Eric Wedge, manager of the Indians, needs to be fired. His nonchalant approach is just not working for this team. In addition his inability to accept players that don't fit into his philosophy has made this a team of boring, lackadaisical players that seem to have no sense of urgency or fire to recognize that the season is 6 months long.

9. The Cleveland Browns draft was boring. Not a bad thing, good teams have boring drafts, so we'll see how it goes. I do like the fact that for the first time in 10 years back in the league, this regime seems to be intent on putting depth on our roster. For the last 10 years depth and a Browns roster have been mutually exclusive.

10. Chris Berman from ESPN needs to retire or be let go. His hosting of the NFL draft on Day 1 was abysmal. You would think he never hosted one of these things before as poorly as he lead the discussions. He seemed paralyzed every time a producer talked into his ear. In addition, the production of the event by ESPN was horrible. It wasn't until watching the coverage of the draft that I ever understood why they have Emmy's for production. As I was watching that mess they put on TV, it made me realize it might be the worst produced show I've ever seen. And if there was a razzies for TV, it would win my vote hands down.

My advice for the weekend: Do something outside even if it's a little chilly. Just think about how you won't want to do it in the middle of summer when it's "too hot" or the bugs are out. Have a picnic, or go for a bike ride or fish. For those in Ohio, it's a free fishing weekend, no fishing licenses are required for anywhere in Ohio.


Anonymous said...

Yeah because your such a big fisher....:) Watch out for those hooks.

Michael said...

Hey that was a long time ago. Besides my cheap ass is always up for free.