Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Thoughts 9

Here we are once again with another list of irrelevance.

1. Has been a relaxing week, it's been very quiet at home without Bronwyn and Laurie here. I do miss them though and am glad they are coming back tonight or tomorrow, but have enjoyed the break.

2. Looking forward to celebrating Laurie's birthday on Sunday. Have some great plans for her.

3. Cautiously optimistic about the Cavaliers.

4. Car problems seem to be resolved for now, phew, knock on wood, insert random superstition here.

5. The new Star Trek was very good, really enjoyed taking my dad out for the night. I need to do this more. Great way to see movies the wife isn't really interested in and to spend some time with him. Plus it gets him out of the house for a bit, which Mom likes :)

6. Need to get the pool ready this weekend, hope the weather hits 80 and stays there for the summer.

7. Finally caught up on all the remaining episodes for Fringe on my Tivo. Love the show and ending, can't wait for next season.

8. Have to prepare my ears for Bronwyn's tales from this week, going to be on sensory overload I think from hearing about the trip from her. Can't believe she's only 3 and to think of how it seemed like yesterday I was just waiting for the first words or for her to walk.

9. This week has been a complete failure from my work out schedule. The appeal of having time alone was too much to overcome and I ditched all thoughts of working out. Have to get back on track next week.

10. Our dog, Edgar, is seriously missing his Mommy's lap and Bronwyn.

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