Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Thoughts 8

A bit dejected today, took one car in for repairs, got a fairly good size repair bill. Took the other car in to get looked at and was given a pretty high estimate on it's repair bill. The second car is 9 years old and I've gotten quite used to not having to having a car payment for 4 years. Oh well, at this point though the repair bill is too high to justify as something else breaking is likely just around the corner. The big problem is I hoped it would make it through the summer and once Laurie found a teaching job we'd get a new one. Now it looks like I'm going to have to find something used. How I love dealing with used car salesmen.

On to Friday's thoughts.

1. Great weekend ahead, activities planned for the whole weekend, a lot of friends, food, and drinking. Should be a great time.

2. Laurie is finishing up her last day subbing today (in all likelihood as she's gone next week and the week after is just 3 days). I know subbing can be stressful for her, so I'm glad she's getting a break, now we are just keeping fingers crossed that there's an opening somewhere (here or other states) that she lands as a secondary Social Studies teacher. It's been a rough go for her finding a spot and I know it's been stressful, so I'm desperately hoping something works out for it.

3. Laurie, her mother, and Bronwyn are off to Myrtle Beach on Sunday. Laurie's mom is heading down there for a new artificial leg and Laurie and Bronwyn are tagging along to enjoy the beach for a couple days. Hopefully they'll have a great time.

4. Speaking of road trips, taking one with one of my best friends on Monday. Will and I are going down to Mountaineer West Virginia for a day. It will be good to see him as I don't think we've seen each other in person for at least a year.

5. I need to get Green Day's new cd.

6. Laurie and I were supposed to have a Brownie 'Throwdown" at my brother's party on Sunday. She's just not feeling up to it though, too bad too as she makes a pretty mean brownie and probably would have beat mine handily in a competition.

7. If you ever need a repaired garage door in the Cleveland area, I highly recommend A&L Service and repair (ad in the money saver, don't think he has a website). I can vouch for the work on the door he replaced at my house, he's also done work on my brother's and parents. Price is fair with no hidden costs and he's very prompt.

8. I'm a bit sad (well at least as much as one can be for a TV show) that My Name is Earl has been cancelled.

9. Crap, when did I start making this list 10 things long and why the hell did I do that.

10. I need to come up with something to drink this weekend, suggestions welcome in the comments section.

Have a great long weekend everyone, hope you eat a lot of food and get to enjoy some sunshine.

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