Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday thaw out

Not much new going on here, have a couple of blog posts I'm working on. Just trying to determine how I want to approach the topics (religion and politics). For those two topics , I need to focus my writing/thoughts or I'm going to spend 4 hours on every post. So stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, it's been a slow week, it seems to have snowed for two days straight, huge, fluffy snowflakes, that luckily have not stuck to the ground, but has made for some great muddy terrain. I'm seriously sick of the cold right now and am in a dog kicking mood because of it. (Figure of speech people, Edgar is fine).

I have plans to go out Friday night with the guys, watch some baseball and basketball and drink a ton, amazing how my disposition improves when I have some planned activities to look forward too. While they aren't necessarily the best use of my time, they get me out of the house, which from working at home feels more and more like a prison everyday. I'm sure I'll get into the prison analogy one of these days.

On the homefront things are good, Laurie is recovering nicely from the surgery and goes in for a checkup tomorrow and have some of the stitching removed. Bronwyn is currently fascinated with an egg that gets put in a cup of water and over a couple days a bird hatches out of the shell and then grows. I must say I'm a bit jealous, toys that were supposed to grow and do things when I was a kid always left me severly disappointed as they flopped. I seem to remember a pack of Martian babies, which in retrospect turned out to be rather large metal ball bearings about the size of a marble. So it's neat to watch this thing work and Bronwyn get excited about it, it's actually peaking out of it's shell now two days in and Bronwyn wakes up each morning and asks to see it, yelling encouragement to it "You can do it Birdy, come on out". It's a nice diversion on a cold Wednesday.

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