Monday, April 6, 2009

Over the weekend

In my effort to start blogging on more everyday things (and not the long drawn out psychosis posts). I thought it would be nice to talk about the weekend, since I actually had a pretty full weekend of activities.

Had a nice start Friday night, after a fairly boring week at work, I was ready for some activity, in other words something to do. Laurie was only one day out of the surgery and still pretty sore, so heading out, was out of the question. Which leaves making food. So I put together a crepe batter for Saturday morning, since Laurie wanted to work on them and put together some deep dish pizza dough for Saturday night as well. I figured it was a chance to use my new deep dish pan that I got for my birthday and while I'd rather be baking (something with high calories and indulgent) this fit my fix for something to make.

Saturday morning was an early morning, my parents had a 60ft tree fall in their backyard, so my brother and I were enlisted to help cut the thing up and move the pieces. If I get the pictures off my cell, I'll post them here shortly. Needless to say, the tree was a monster though, and after some good natured arguing (don't put three Type A Stewart men together with something they aren't familiar with) we were able to get over half of the tree removed and the fence that it crushed back up. Our friend Brian also came over to help, and was subjected to family bickering for a good part of the morning. But his help and calmness were greatly appreciated. So 4 hours of hauling tree parts around the yard, luckily my father was manning the chainsaw and no injuries happened during the morning.

Back home and set off to make some deep dish pizza. Loved how these turned out, a pepperoni, black olive one and a chicken, spinach pizza. I've made deep dish 3 times now (previous to my new pan) and am 2 for 3 in them turning out right. The disaster was a mushroom one that left the dough inedible. Anyway, there was a ton of pizza and enough for two nights dinner. (I swear one of the best things in the world anymore is multiple night dinners, that don't suck, such a time saver).

After that, my task was to get the pizzas fully prepared, cooked, the little one fed and washed up before I headed over to my brothers for a night of drinking and playing Rock Band 2. Laurie realizing that cabin fever had set in badly for me, gave me the go ahead to head out for the night and give her a chance to rest her aching head further with the little one down. It was a nice night, Francis and Missy were kind enough to pick me up and we all spent a couple hours in my brother's living room on the cheap, drinking our choice of beverage and mimicing (badly) a rock band. One of the funniest moments of the evening happened, while Francis was playing drums for the first time, Missy decided to heckle him some, asking if he really did play drums in high school and yelling out some other not for print jabs during the song. It was good fun that only a married couple can do, but it lightened the night some.

Finished up the evening at about 1, a little tipsy but not bad for an exhausting day. Sunday was sent recuperating a bit as I was tired as shit and sore from the day before. I did make a run to Malley's for some Easter candy, I made the mistake of bringing Bronwyn though, she immediately started running upon entering the door and grabbing different treats, thinking that I was going to buy them for her (she did wind up with one treat) and while my memory of the time at the store is that it was a bit chaotic, in truth she behaved reasonably well for a 3 year old with that much candy stimulus.

Since it was a nice day out, we hit the playground and got some energy out of my little fiery three year old, which helped greatly as she took a nice nap, and I took a much needed one as well. The rest of the night was just spent relaxing in the chair.

I'm realizing more and more, that even though I want to do more things, It's a struggle to get into the right mindset to do it. I could spend a whole weekend 'working on stuff' around the house, but finding time to do things I want has to fit in as well. I'm at my best when I have some pre-planned free time to look forward too and accomplish a ton of stuff when I do. Hopefully with the warmer weather coming, I keep the activities up for things to do.

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