Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend recap

Had a great weekend, unfortunately the Tribe continued to lose, and it rained bad on Friday, but got to spend a long night out away from the house and had some typical male style conversation. As long as the night was Friday, I couldn't believe how rested I was Saturday morning after about 6 hours sleep. I'm amazed sometimes at how a simple break from stress can lead to such a good nights sleep.

Saturday Laurie and I took Bronwyn to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3d. The new 3D technology is pretty damn cool, although the pricing for it is kind of a deterrent in my opinion, $26 for 2 adults and one child for a matinee, seems high. Especially since Bronwyn won't keep the glasses on the whole time. But with a bag full of popcorn and a movie she wanted to see, she made it through the whole movie without getting antsy, talkative, or wanting to run around. A definite win. It's funny, she's very well behaved, but we just haven't taken her out to dinner or movies a lot where she's forced to sit for periods of time. So it's always a hit and miss proposition when we do go somewhere like that. I'm glad to see that she seems to be adjusting to it.

Sunday of course was Easter, where we were inundated with a copious amounts of candy from a rather large rodent. Followed by another huge meal prepared at my parent's house. Between Easter dinner, candy, Friday nights drinking and bar food, and Saturday's movie theater popcorn and ordering pizza I can honestly say, the diet for this weekend was an ultimate failure. Luckily I didn't let it deter me and I got back to the gym this morning for my 50 minute elliptical session. Unfortunately I haven't been making my lunch time strength workouts though, as I pulled a neck muscle (sitting in a chair last Friday during work) and it's causing me a huge headache right now. Hopefully that will disappear here within the next couple days though and I can continue with the strength sessions, as I seriously need to tighten up a little bit in those areas.

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