Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Random Thoughts III

Another Friday post, and I've only done 3 of these in the whole time I've been writing this blog. Note to self, need to stick to the self promises a little better.

Off to hang out and watch some sports today, as I've mentioned before, I don't care so much for the games anymore, but it's a nice way to get out of the house for a bit. With a baseball and basketball game too, it makes for a bit earlier of a day to go out, and once I'm out I have the whole night to do whatever. The funny thing is, I'm really just looking forward to having that much time to spend outside of the house. 3-4 hours is always nice, but 7-8 or possibly more if we all are drinking for awhile is even cooler. I think it's the fact that 3-4 hours, I feel pressured to have a good time and anymore I just don't want to feel pressured sometimes. Heck I might get bored after 3 hours and go home (unlikely) but it could happen. Just need to feel like once in awhile I have full control over my time.

The birdie mentioned this week is almost hatched. Between that and Easter in two days, Bronwyn is on a constant energy rush. So exhausting at times but fun.

Had a moment yesterday where I beat myself up a bit. So many days during the week and even on weekends that I'm too tired or have too much to do, where I feel I don't take advantage of the fact that Bronwyn has so much free time and wants to play or do things with me. Made me a bit sad as I realize that 3-5 years from now when she wants to play with friends or do her own thing, I won't be quite the center of attention I am now. I know it's a natural progression and I know that being worn out is just a fact of being an adult sometime, but I do want to keep trying to do more with her, as I don't want to regret not fully taking advantage of this time now.

Bronwyn's also going through a bit of a phase right now where she's not listening, not necessarily being bad, just sort of ignoring Mom and Dad when they ask her to do something (or to stop doing something). Which is hard to deal with as she's very emotional and doesn't make a big production out of it, so when we get frustrated and yell, she starts crying. The problem is she's well behaved and for the most part just doing her thing, but she's been a bit more rambunctious lately and careless in how she plays (near stairs, running at full speeds through the house, etc). Most of the stuff we tend to yell about is in relation to making her aware that she needs to settle down or be aware of her surroundings because she's close to areas where she could get hurt if she's not careful. The other stuff we tend to yell about lately is that her ignoring us, makes it difficult to get things done (bath, going to store, etc) as she's in the habit of running away or not settling down when getting ready. As I said though, it's not obnoxious (I'm not going to listen behavior) but rather I'm just playing, or I'm doing this first things. So we have to balance being a bit frustrated with the fact that she's working to take control of her environment a bit. Needless to say though it's a bit exhausting.

Enough heavy stuff though. Here's a couple random thoughts for finishing out a Friday.

1. I still need to get used to watching Tivo. Watching a show from mid-February last night and forgot I was watching Tivo when the 'Severe weather alert' came on and I'm yelling at the TV, "What the hell are they talking about snow, it's supposed to be 50 tomorrow". Smooth Mike, really smooth.

2. I love my Ipod shuffle. So nice for working out or hooking up to my car radio. Ipods overall are cool but the shuffle being so tiny is just awesome in my opinion.

3. I finally completed the installation of the dishwasher last week. For weeks after I installed it, I constantly had to keep fidgeting with it, as I had minor leaks. Of course after all was said and done I learned how cocky I can be for not fully reading the directions and after numerous parts and hours working, it's completely leak free.

4. I'm still bitter that Snickers changed their Easter candy a couple years ago from an egg that was like a Cadbury egg, to something more akin to a Reese's egg. The Cadbury style egg was way better. Don't ask me why, it just was. Maybe it was because the carmel seemed softer.

5. Laurie's surgical implant is healing up and she's starting to feel better, only a month or two now before she gets the device attached that will let her hear.

6. My Italian wife has a tradition of making pisacaina (sp) it's rice, eggs, romano cheese, and ham in a pastry dough and it's awesome. Based on the ingredients though, probably not the most healthy food in the world. Of course she made some this week, just as I was starting to see workout results. (Pants that were too tight started fitting nicely this week) I've threatened to go on a baking spree and make cheesecakes to get back at her for it. (In case I haven't mentioned it, baking horrible caloric treats is one of my hobbies). However I think it's an idle threat on my part though, no point in escalating the caloric wars at this time. She's won this round.

Have a great weekend and eat something that makes you happy, even if it's just a little bit.

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