Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball opening day

Opening day again and the temperature is approaching the 30's it's raining now, but they are predicting snow showers. Wonderful, I wonder how I'm not constantly sick this time of year with the weather changes. The Indians open on the road this year, so unless there's rain in Texas, they'll actually play today.

Baseball seems to be the one sport I continue to have interest in, perhaps it's because I can listen to it on the radio, as it's perfect for that medium, or by the fact, that during the summer, they play everyday. Who knows, anyway, for fun, here are my season predictions for this year. (Format blatantly stolen from the Plain Dealer)

AL Division Winners: Indians, Red Sox, Angels
AL Wild Card: Rays
NL Division Winners: Cardinals, Phillies, Dodgers
NL Wild Card: Cubs
World Series Champ:Angels (I want to predict the Red Sox here, but can't do it as much as I hate them)
AL MVP: Carlos Quentin, White Sox (who are the idiots that felt Pedroia was it last year?)
AL Cy Young: Scott Kazmir, Rays
AL Rookie: Matt Wieters, Orioles
AL Manager: Mike Sciosia, Angels
NL MVP: Ryan Braun, Brewers
NL Cy Young: Dan Haren, Diamondbacks
NL Rookie: Tommy Hanson, Braves
NL Manager: Joe Torre, Dodgers
Indians prediction: 91-71, first in Central
Couple surprises:
Fausto Carmona is comeback player of the year and shows up as possibly one of the top 5 in AL.
Atlanta's rebuilt team finishes second in NL East, with an outside chance of taking the Wild Card.
The Reds are this year's surprise team, ala the Rays of 2008, don't know if they make the playoffs, but they are going to be a headache.
St. Louis falls flat and doesn't win the division if Carpenter gets hurt again.

So in 6 months if I miraculously am correct in many of the picks, I'll gloat like there's no tomorrow, however upon being horribly off in my predictions I'll probably delete this post.

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