Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still not feeling it

I'm still not up to the task of writing down a long post and then editing it due to my wonderful grammatical nature. I do feel it's important though to try and get something out, so here are the random doings and thoughts for today/this week.

1. St. Patty's day - I'm not a big fan, maybe it's my Scottish blood, but it feels like a Hallmark holiday for beer companies. Hey, come celebrate, drink beer, yada, yada. Seriously I've done the whole 6am green eggs and beer thing and it terrified me to see so many stumbling fools at that time of the morning packed into some tiny bar. I get it that people want to drink and I have no leg to stand on criticizing others drinking (just ask my liver from my vegas trips). I guess the issue I have is I don't mind a celebration or debauchery for the sake of debauchery. But when getting drunk is the focal point of the celebration or the antics, I guess it rubs me the wrong way. In truth it's just semantics or principals of the issue, but this one has always sort of bugged me.

2. Going back to work always sucks after having been away for a week or so. I think it's even worse working from home, you become so used to the freedom that vacation/out of the office time brings, that coming home and re-focusing on working from home just is very hard to do. It's even worse when the first days back are slow, as that first week back then drags on way too long.

3. I'm amazed at the changes I see in Bronwyn when I'm gone for a week, I can hear the pitch of her voice change and see her articulate more clearly. It's fascinating and sad at times, as whil I'm very proud, I also realize that time passes by way to quickly.

4. I'm very happy it's starting to warm up. I felt like I was going to ignore the depressing effects of winter this year, but I think they may have just contributed even more to my disposition by trying to ignore them.

That's all for now.

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