Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

Yay, it's finally raining, not only is it raining but it has warmed up some too. I know I'm weird about the rain thing. I like it, what can I say, especially when I see it starting to fall (where the ground is dry). That's how it was this morning, and it was warm enough to not wear a coat, but just a heavy sweatshirt. Very good start to the day.

So I'm 3 for 3 in the workout category for mornings this week and have made my 2 lunch appointments so far as well. I'm pretty much at the point though where I can't move my arms. Thankfully I haven't pushed to far and the pain is just my aching muscles and not some type of pull. Should be no issue going 3 for 3 on lunch appointments today, and then it's a crapshoot for the rest of the week. I likely have Bronwyn to watch for the rest of the week and on Saturday, so that rules out lunch and early morning. So if I get anything in it will be after work. I'll probably do a mix of cardio/strength on at least one of those days, which would satisfy my 4 day requirement. And then get a head start on Sunday for the new week.

The wife has an interview today over the phone with a school district down in Kentucky, so keep your fingers crossed out there.

Otherwise, there isn't much going on this week, it's moving much quicker then last week, which is a very good thing. I think the combination of exercise and getting back in my work routine has helped that along.

Hopefully I'll have a more in depth topic here over the next day or so.

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