Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quitting smoking

I'm going to try and quit smoking. (Again!) I know, I know, save the sermons, it's a shitty habit, it will kill you, blah, blah, blah. I'm not unaware of that, but the truth is, I really love to smoke. My mood is better, I definitely am less stressed, and while I haven't quite kept the weight off I want, I know it contributes to curving the hunger.

I'm sure this is going to be an interesting ride, last year, I think I managed to quit for about 3 weeks. That was far and away my best effort in attempting to quit I think I have enough nicotine in my system from the last 7 days to last me a good month, before I get the shakes.

I constantly come back to this line from the movie "Dead Again" Robin Williams tells Kenneth Brannaugh, "You're either a smoker or you're not, the trick is to find out which one you are and be it" Problem is, I know I'm a smoker (think philisophically), I'm just going to have to figure out how to be a smoker that doesn't smoke.

*Update* Might have to rethink the timing on this one, as the first day it's supposed to happen, you aren't supposed to go above 50% of your normal amount, although a variety of factors contributed to that. With all thats going on now, perhaps it might be more prudent to wait awhile to try and embark on this change.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Found your site through Hurricane Mikey. I just quit chewing tobacco the beginning of this year. This is my second attempt at quitting and it is a day to day thing. Nicotene is a mother.

For the longest time, I was like you. I did not want to quit. I enjoyed it too much. It is more difficult to quit when things are rocky. But if you can find a good reason that will make you want to quit, that will help. Then, it's a day at a time. Going to bed that first night following a day with no smokes will be the hardest. But then, day by day, it will get easier.

I am, by no means, "cured." I still dream about it. I still have a craving. But I know that if I take a deep breath, it will go away. Quit smoking today...then quit smoking again tomorrow. You can get there.

Good luck.


Michael said...

Thanks MD, I appreciate the advisement and know it's right on. I'm never going to 'get' over it, even last year when I went about 3 weeks, it was just a matter of constant internal struggle. I do have some good reasons to quit though and your right in that I need to focus on them. Hope this attempt for you takes.