Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday random thoughts

Hmm, still don't have a name for a regular Friday post. On top of that, it's probably been 3 weeks since I did a post similar to the first one.

Anyway, here are some random thoughts for t a Friday.

nk I know why advertisers cater to the 20-35 crowd. By the time you hit 35 there messages seem so retarded that it's difficult to even listen. I keep recalling a bit I saw from Dave Attell live at the Cleveland improv on advertising, "It gets worse and worse, at some point, I'm expecting to turn on the TV and here them say Lay's Potato chips, fucking eat it"

2. The state of radio quality music today absolutely sucks in my opinion. While I'm not a fan of country, R&B, or Rap for the most part. The music industry in my opinion has a severe case of artistic block. It's the late 2000's already and at the very least, I'd expect a nostalgic repeat of 80's sounds and theatrics. Not to mention, we probably could use a bit of the levity that the 80's music scene brought. I suppose there are some decent new bands out there, I'm digging the Killers lately, but it's not enough.

3. I seriously can't wait for warmer weather, what's funny is I'm looking forward to a good dreary, rainy day as much as the warmth and sun. There's a beauty in Ggrey that I find quite soothing.

4. Cigarettes went up again through taxes on the Ohio budget. About $5.70 a pack now, absolutely unbelieveable, but mind you, you can't smoke them anywhere. The price is reason enough to quit, maybe here in the new future I'll figure out how to do that.

5. Bronwyn has a new fascination lately, hot wheel cars. I bought her a pack last week after watching her take some random plastic car and drive it around. I forgot how cool hot wheel cars are, they each have an individual name on the bottom and when they are new they look great. I'm betting that they won't wind up caked in mud and sand as much as mine did, but who knows. The wife thinks her masculine interests are coming out lately, as she's been wanting to play baseball too.

6. I think I'm heading to the tatoo parlor tomorrow. I need to talk with an artist and start trying to narrow down my thoughts on the one that I want. Don't know if I've said this before on my blog, but I don't have one and only want one, over the left shoulder. I expect it to be fairly intricate too, so I'm proceeding cautiously. It's one of those situations that I'll know it when I see it or think it.

That's it for today, hope everyone has a good weekend, listen to some music, you never know how it may help.

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