Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Donuts: Uniter of past and present

Not much to say today, I'm striving to reduce the length of my posts. I'm finding that I want to cover every perspective or include huge amounts of detail in a post. I'm sure some of that is good, but I need to focus it a bit more. I never realized how difficult that could be.

So, what am I thinking about today? Donuts; I know, delicious aren't they? I know you've got a favorite type. Just think of all the ways that simple piece of dough can be partnered. Glazed, frosted, jelly filled, powdered sugar, sprinkles, nuts, candy; you name it and they have a type. You have to like a pastry that is so versatile.

I find myself getting donuts at least once a month, you'll do that when you have a little girl that seems to continually ask and negotiate for them. (If you already didn't know, trust me I'm going to be in trouble from her charms). I love getting up early and driving to get them and then coming home before Laurie and Bronwyn get up. Laurie's favorite is chocolate covered eclairs with white cream (not custard). Bronwyn seems to love any type but definitely prefers chocolate frosted with sprinkles.

My dad used to bring donuts home to my mom, brother and I. He'd either get them the night before or early in the morning on the weekends before we got up. I don't think it's a coincidence that days that started with donuts always seemed better.

When we were going through some lean times, my Dad took a paper route for extra cash; we'd help him sometimes on weekends. While he didn't get to take us often, every once in a while he'd reward us with a trip to the donut shop after we finished the route. I remember those visits. The donut shop seemed so alive, brightly lit, and radiating with warmth and energy. It stood in contrast to the bitter cold, snow, and darkness of the morning. I think about those times quite often on my morning drives to the donut shop. I wonder if this is how he felt. I'll have to ask him the next time I talk to him.

I have no idea if Bronwyn will remember donuts as fondly as I do when she becomes an adult, but I do see her eyes light up when you mention them, and she glows when she gets one. This gives me hope that I'm on the right track.

I probably get them too often for her; I know they aren't the healthiest treat. Maybe that's how I'll get to determine whether I'm truly an adult or not; by measuring my ability to model the balancing of something special and unhealthy to her. So while teaching her to eat healthy is high on my list, I also feel it's important to teach her to do things that feel right. Donuts feel right.

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