Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ipod play list vs Mix tape showdown

So I need a bit of levity in my posts, and this question has been dogging me for awhile.

Why the hell is it harder to choose a play list to fit to my ipod then it used to be to make a mix tape. And I'm not just talking about the high school sweetheart mix tape, I'm talking about the one you made to cruise around town with as well. Heck I remember having to put whole cds to fill some of those tapes, once I got through what I wanted.

After all, the damn tapes were about 60 minutes of music total (edit: (Thinking about it now, maybe they were 90 minutes long) ), what's that like 20 songs on average, my shuffle holds a GB of music and I'm consistently trying to filter it down and fit it for the requirement.

I know, I know, the easy solution is buy a bigger IPOD, and sure that would help, but even putting music on my iphone, I still run into issues with 3-4 GB of music.

So what's the solution? First of all I think I have to figure out a way to make smaller play lists and then just add those to my ipod, I start out trying to make a play list for a full gig rather then break it down into type of music. I have two currently, my Vegas play list and my workout/bike riding play list. My Vegas list is my toughest as I want mostly my favorites on there, for when I'm walking the strip or playing video poker, and I'm just finding that I have way too many favorites out of my 14GB in music. The workout one is even getting a bit hard, I made a rough play list just to get going and hit 900MB, without even trying, and it was mostly just throwing faster paced songs on the darn thing. I'd hate to see what in depth analysis does for it.

So if I decide to break up my lists into smaller categories, I'm extremely worried that I'm going to have overlap or at the very least, not capture what I truly want on the damn player. So I've been reluctant to try it. Plus I tend to buy cds pretty regularly when I visit the 1/2 price books place, so I'm always adding one or two songs somewhere on a weekly basis.

I'm open to other suggestions though. I have figured out that my main focus when choosing favorites is to choose favorites and variety rather then overloading on my favorite musicians. And in saying that, I figured I'd list my top ten favorite albums/musicians.

1. Guns N Roses, Use your Illusion II : if for no other reason then Estranged, my favorite song of all time.

2. REM, Automatic for the People: I've spent more time listening to this album completely then any other album period. The biggest problem here is there aren't a lot of songs on my IPOD from it, as it's a conglomerate album for me and song by song doesn't work so well.

3. Guns N Roses, Appetite for Destruction: If I need to get the testosterone pumping, it comes from here.

4. Billy Joel, Stormfront: I think I could put all the songs from this album on any favorite play list, but, it moves down some spots as the songs don't mean as much to me as some of the others.

5. Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend: Had to have something obscure on the list, plus I love the different sound his music brings to my favorites.

6. Pearl Jam, Vs: Plenty of options on here as well, and Ten just killed me in how much it was overplayed, still can only deal with Ten in small doses because of it.

7. U2, Acthung Baby: My favorite U2 album, but it has the same problem Automatic for the People does, in that it works listening all the way through, but not much besides One makes it onto a play list for me.

8. Def Leppard, Hysteria: lot of good stuff on here, and a bit of a high school flash back to boot.

9. INXS, Welcome to wherever you are: My favorite INXS album, and their last I believe before Michael Hutchence died, more refined in my opinion then the earlier stuff in a lot of ways.

10. Live, Mental Jewelry: Live's first album and far superior to the overplayed Throwing Copper in my opinion.

Others missing the cut: Nirvana, NIN, Stone Temple Pilots, Sponge, Green Day, and a variety of others, I'll post a top 10 song list sometime, can't imagine that's going to be easy though, maybe we'll do top 20. So any good suggestions on how you build your play list?

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