Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If a blog is created in the forest

I'm sure that reference has been used in some way multiple times on people's blogs. That's been the question I've been struggling with for a long time now, and a big reason it took so long to start putting my thoughts down to keyboard.

Do I want my thoughts and opinions out there in the websphere for everyone to see? No problem on the answer there, yes I want it out there for people to see. The next question then is do I want people I know to be able to read my blog? Yes, a large part of me wants those I know to be alerted to it's existence and to read it if they want to. So why am I struggling with it. It goes back to my compartmentalization of my social life. I want to express my opinions and thoughts openly and to words, without over-worrying on how people might react to them. I think it's important to take other's thoughts/feelings into account when you are posting something about them, but I don't want to over analyze their reactions, like I'm prone to do.

I guess the last thought with this is based on the title, what if I tell everyone and no one cares. I think I would be ok with that too. At least I know I put it out there for them. Whether or not they want to hear me on my pulpit is certainly there opinion, besides whether or not I can gain any regular readers is going to be as much my responsibility as anything, as if the content sucks, I wouldn't read it either.

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