Thursday, February 19, 2009

Film shortage in the 90's

I just realized with my newfound motivation for updating online, that I have a severe lack of pictures. Now granted, I probably have 5000 pictures of the little one and a couple hundred of the dog. Not to mention, wedding albums and pictures of vacations, mostly of the wife, as I seem to be the one doing the taking. But I have hardly any of myself and very few (none) that I actually like of myself.

Not to mention, reconnecting with friends on Facebook, I get to see people I haven't seen in years and while I remember them, I realize I had absolutely no pictures of them. So was there some film shortage during the 90's that caused this? Or were we just too damn busy or uninteresting to take any pictures? God, I wish I knew, but alas there is no way to go back in time and start snapping away, so I'll have to work to correct this going forward. So for those I see in the coming months, be prepared for me to annoyingly be snapping away with the cell phone and don't be afraid to snap one of me as well, I could definitely use one, I keep trying to find one for a profile as a head shot, but am way to critical of how I look in each shot. I should have one soon though, that I'm happy with, just have to shave the head and then take about a 100 photos at different distances to find one I like.

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wendy said...

I have to agree. There seems to be a film shortage from the 90's. Interesting. I have a literally a few of an ex boyfriend, and another few from a work party and that's about it. Never thought about it. I think in the 80's I had a camera strapped to my body!