Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to the Future moment

So a couple weeks ago, we had a retirement party for my dad. Congrats Dad for finally making it to the end 25 years at Pepsi and probably close to 10 at the Cleveland Press. Anyway, it was a nice party, hosted at a restaurant in town, in a private room. We had a variety of people there, family, some of Dad's friends and some of Jason and my friends that have been around over the years. So how does that translate into a back to the Future moment.

Well my cousin Jennifer was there as well, she's been off in Toledo finishing school for nursing and we haven't got to see her much over the last couple years. Hell it's probably been like 3 times in the last 10 years or so, and when your little cousin is going from 10-23 in that time, it's quite a change to say the least. She's developed into quite the beautiful young lady, smart, attractive, and she's got the family gene for being able to hold her own liquor as well.

I probably have over 40 cousins on my mom's side of the family and Jen has always been the one I was around most, I babysat her and her younger brother and always had a bit of a special connection with her. I always kind of saw myself in her, at least when it came to my grandparents. See we use to visit them all the time, and while they treated all of us special, there were a number of years before my brother came along that I sort of had a head start, and was doted on a bit by them and it carried through into the later years. Jen came along as the first girl grandchild for the younger kids and since she was around at that time too, she sort of became the special grandaughter of that group. So I guess that's where I see the similarity, but I always felt a bit closer with her then any of my other cousins, maybe it's because we were the oldest kids of strong mothers and only had one sibling, but we have a connection.

Having said all that, I was a bit shocked to see her and glad as well for the chance to catch up. During the night, I wandered over to the my brothers and my friends and overheard them talking about how attractive she was (they are all single) and having a little fun with it. I can't say I blame them, she's an extremely attractive young women and very outgoing and friendly and they were well within the lines of harmless conversation. But I must say I was a bit surprised in my own thoughts and action at the time. Now mind you this is later in the night and Jen and Jason had decided shots all around was a running theme. But I don't think it would have been much different without the alchohol. I found myself in Dad mode, a bit more aggressive in conversation, posing open ended questions and trying to be a bit intimidating. Not intentionally mind you but instinctually. I remember walking over to one of the guys as I came into the conversation and put my hands on his shoulders as I started talking. Nothing more then some minimal contact, but certainly not my typical style. Interesting to me to say the least.

Looking back on it now, I consider that I was sort of getting a feel for how I will act when Bronwyn inevitably brings boys around someday. I kid the wife that I'm going to be an ogre, but in truth I could never be that. My goal is to develop a relationship with Bronwyn, where I'm able to be a confidant and help prepare her for navigating the world of relationships. If I can't do that, then ultimately no intimidation or ogre tactics are going to matter. Here's hoping that's the way it works out, we've got a good start with it. Not too mention that she has a younger role model in her cousin that helps paint a picture for her as well.

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