Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 Random thoughts

In trying to build some content for the blog, just thought I'd post some random thoughts/observations of mine, that I've had from time to time over the last year or two.

1. Disturbed's version of Genesis' Land of Confusion was a perfect match, the words needed the heavier sound of rock and roll to match the tone of the lyrics. Call it a victim of the 80's bee bop sound, but the lyrics of the song were strong.

2. We wonder why men are frustrated, yet our television shows and movies seem to delight in portraying us as bumbling idiots. Who only can be corrected by a woman.

3. Music needs another revolution or at least a re-revolution. Where's the sound that identifies the 00's. Not to mention we probably could use a bit of fun in our music (i.e the 80's) with everything going on today.

4. I think Cleveland is dying and has been for a number of years.

5. Baseball is a far superior game to any other major sport.

6. REM's music went kerplunk when their drummer was forced to retire.

7. Indulgence is underrated or at the very least has some bad publicity attached to it.

8. I was going to say we could really use a fad in the 00's as well, but I think snuggies are filling that niche https://www.getsnuggie.com/flare/next .

9. There are no coincidences, although sometimes that banana peel is just a banana peel and those hoofs you hear mean Horse, rather then Zebra.

10. Fringe is a fantastic television show.


wendy said...

don't say Cleveland is dying? What happened?

Michael said...

It is a pretty strong statement, and I'm hoping to follow up on it. People are leaving. Businesses have pulled out regularly for the past 10 years, some moved to suburbs for abatement, others to other cities. Good jobs are drying up, in my opinion. Not to mention the political system around here is a mess and shows no signs of figuring out how to deal with bringing businesses back or even pursuing a direction for the city. Recession wise, it's probably been in effect here about 2-3 years already. We just lost another bank with the TARP takeovers, National city was bought by PNC Bank and declared layoffs, now they are saying they will continue to have a HQ here, but realistically it's not for long, since PNC is in Pittsburgh. We are down to a 1 grocery store chain town, who gouges consumers regularly. On and on, maybe I'm wrong on it and I hope I am, but it's not good in my opinion. I hope once I get out of my system some of my background stuff, that I can go further in detail on it.