Saturday, July 7, 2007

Well this is my first shot at a blog. Let me give some background on me, I'm 34 years old contract professional for a large computer company. I've lived in the greater-Cleveland area all of my life, including the cities of Parma, Streetsboro, Stow, and Garfield Heights. I've been married for 6 years this July and we have one beautiful/smart daughter, who is 1 1/2. We also have a 3 1/2 year old black pug, named Edgar.

My whole life I've wanted to be an author and if I'm ever going to accomplish that, I need to start getting my prose down and see what develops. I'm sure I'll be getting into my hobbies and life as time goes by, along with daily thoughts and hopefully some humorous anecdotes.

I'll start simple tonight, the moment that sort of made me decide I needed to start writing in order to collect my thoughts. So the wife has went to sleep and I'm flipping the channels searching for something to watch. I find Major League on Bravo, as a life-long Cleveland and big Indians fan, it's an easy choice. Funny as earlier in the evening I was just thinking how sports have sort of fallen out of my life. I mean I still love baseball, football, and basketball (to a certain level for basketball), but more and more I find that life is in the way. I still check baseball scores for the tribe and will read the Plain Dealer online to catch up on any Browns or Indians news, but its a lot less then what I use to do.

In the past I could tell you league leaders, division leaders, trades that should be made and assorted other junk that I filled up on from pouring over the sports page. The reason I thought of this was I was thinking about how my life parallels my father's in ways sometimes and as much as he loved sports, I could see over time, he just didn't have the time or the interest to care as much as he did maybe when he was younger. I find myself getting there too, I'm not sure if its the same reasons or not, after all, life as a Cleveland sports fan has kind of sucked over time. Indians stunk for a long time, then became good and seemed to let too many players walk away in free agency regularly only regaining some competitiveness in the last 3 years. Browns were close for years with devastating losses, and then moved. Cavs had a run in the 90's that management screwed up and then basketball seemed to become this horribly played game, that I just can't seem to get overly excited about, although I'll admit when I have time to watch Lebron James it is something to behold. Well my point is Cleveland has a rich sports history, but its not exactly good.

So I settle in the middle of Major League and am surfing away on the laptop, paying attention at certain parts, when it gets to the final game and I decide to put the computer down and watch. For the sake of words, I'll assume you my reader have seen the movie. 9th inning Charlie Sheen(Rick Vaughn) comes on and gets a big strikeout, and then the Indians come to bat. Wesley Snipes (Willie Mays Hayes) gets a single and steals second, Tom Berenger (Jake Taylor? ) is at the bat and signals the dugout. So at this point, I feel myself getting emotional, tearing up a bit. I've seen this darn bit 500 times probably, but for some reason tonight its hitting me a bit. Jake signals to the dugout and steps into the batter's box and calls his shot. The reliever brushes him back and at this point I remember that my dad's favorite line here is Bob Eucker saying that Taylor refuses to brush himself off. Jake points again and I realized why I love this spot, not because its a fake for the bunt he's about to lay down, its because Jake is everything Cleveland sports ever was, broken, battered, and pretty much a loser. So why do I care that he calls his shot, well I guess its the Cleveland mentality, at that moment, he's standing up for all of us in Cleveland (and the movie watchers), Taking all of that previous sports misery that parallels our lives so well and throwing it out the window. He's got his shot and he's done taking all of the shit and is going to face it head on. And then of course he bunts and they score the winning run, and I cried. Hey what can I say sometimes I guess you need to.

Well that's all I have for tonight, talk to you soon.


Vanessa said...

Good post.

M.S said...

Thanks, sorry it took me so long for a second one.